Magnetic Therapy for Pain
"Magnetic Therapy for Pain" versus "Pulsed Magnetic Therapy for Pain"

Before we determine the value of magnetic therapy or pulsed magnetic therapy as a pain treatment, we have to clear up the difference between both alternative treatment methods.
Magnetic therapy is actually the general term for both therapy methods, although the practice of pulsed magnetic therapy started with the findings of Schumann waves and the first introduced magnetic pulser developed from Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany; the authority on magnetic pulsers..
The basic idea of magnetic therapy is the stimulation of sick body cells to alleviate pain. A range of health claims are made from both sides magnetic therapy with medical magnets as well as for pulsed magnetic therapy produced by magnetic pulsers.
Magnetic therapy with magnets comes in different forms e.g. as self adhesive strips, block magnets, magnetic mattress pads and blankets, shoe inserts, or magnetic jewelry. Unfortunately, many of these health claims are out of proportion and its scientific support is limited. However, promoters maintain that magnets can relax the blood vessels, mobilize circulation and alleviate pain for arthritis.
The investment in a magnetic product can be senseless if one considers the very little effects of e.g. magnetic bracelets and earrings. Let's take a look for a true medical device as described in the next paragraph.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy for Pain, is the ideal solution

If you are looking for an effective alternative therapy product to eliminate pain and to rejuvenate the body, pulsed magnetic therapy could be the true solution. Pulsed magnetic therapy is around since more than 30 years, and is worldwide researched by renowned scientists. Furthermore, many years of practical experience by thousands of physicians and health practitioners throughout Europe and other continents have confirmed the effectiveness of this pain management.
Pulsed magnetic therapy is not only used for pain control it is also the prime means to rejuvenate and strengthen the body in a natural way. A very practical therapeutic device is the so called BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser. It is the ideal therapy device for home use as well as for health practitioners. As a pain treatment device, it has to be as close as possible to the place of treatment and for rejuvenating purposes, or for a general body treatment (to strengthen the immune system) above the solar plexus.
Conclusion: Magnetic therapy can eliminate pain but it also improves the immune system, normalizes body functions and is recommended for preventative purposes.

The experience and sensitivity of physiological and psychological pain can vary from person to person. The respond time to feel pain relief after a magnetic therapy treatment can be from just 1 minute up to several days or weeks. The BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser is well-known to eliminate cramp pain (e.g. in legs) in a couple of minutes while sciatica for example, has to be treated over days to get better.
Very sensitive people feel a tingling or heat sensation while others experience a mollifying and relaxing effect in the moment of application.
Pulsed Magnetic Therapy has many pain applications; please refer to the Magnetic Pulser Instructions.

Magnetic Therapy is the general expression for all kinds of magnetic therapy products, like medical magnets or magnetic pulser. Magnetic therapy for pain became very popular in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, many companies are trying to take advantage of the magnetic therapy trend, selling worthless products and damaging the reputation of quality manufactured products....

Magnetic Therapy for Pain -
Health Benefits or Quackery?