The Magnetic Stimulation of Plants

The historical origins of the influence of magnetic stimulation in mammals and plants have been found in China. Magnetic stones are the so called "loadstones" which have been found in areas with thriving plant growth. Plants were more resistance to insects and survived harsh droughts. Seeds, germination and sprouting of trees started weeks ahead compared to other areas without loadstones. Trees were baring more fruits, flowers bloomed vigorously and pastures were greener. Early Chinese scripts describe these findings and incorporated these findings in agricultural proceedings.

Life on earth developed under the influence of the earth's magnetic field. The earth's magnetic field varies from 7.8 Hz to 10 Hz depending on the area. Experimental shielding of plants from the earth's magnetic field results in disease and death. The findings in the early 18th century established the system of cell regulation. Biologists have measured constant migrations of ions across cell membranes and this movement is only possible under the influence of magnetic fields. With other words: The well being of all life on earth depends on the maintenance of their own delicate electromagnetic balance. An interruption of this magnetic balance in cells leads to disease and even to certain death if not corrected in time.

Why is the use of a magnetic pulser of importance?

The magnetic field of the planet has decreased over the last 500 years. Paved roads and buildings are also contributing to a reduced earth magnetic field leading to additional weakening of our immune system. In fact, military high raised buildings in Germany were investigated when a significant increase of health issues were reported. On the first floor of these buildings soldiers were healthy and energetic (full earth magnetic field) while a gradual decline of health occurred on the highest level of the building (reduced earth magnetic field).
Conclusion: The Bio Medici magnetic pulser produces the life essential magnetic stimulation needed to compensate for the weakening earth's magnetic field. Furthermore, magnetic therapy has been scientifically demonstrated to enable the body to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally. More evidence suggests that magnetic therapy can help to: increase blood circulation, alleviate inflammation and pain, rejuvenate and improve the healing process of bones.