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I am one of those fortunate souls whose body has always been relatively pain-free. However, it disturbs me to see others in pain, especially when it's someone close to me, which is the case with my girlfriend, Lyse.
Lyse is a wonderful person who is professionally dedicated to helping others overcome physical and emotional pain. Ironically, she herself suffers from chronic rhematoid arthritis. Since the age of four she has lived with this painful, crippling condition in her knees. Instead of spending her time on the playground with other children, she was spending her time in hospitals and doctor's offices. Lyse was treated by no less than twelve different rheumatologists- all doing their best to alleviate a very difficult problem. She was given just about every treatment available, including draining her knees of fluid, cortisone injections, gold dust, surgery, etc. Many of these approaches helped her, but in a limited way and often with nasty side effects, such as eczema.
For a number of years her chronic rhematoid arthritis went into remission and she was able to earn a blue belt in karate and lead a normal life. Last spring it hit again, and hit hard. Both knees became severely inflamed, swelling to nearly twice their normal size. The pain was excruciating, especially in the morning or after a long day of work. Sometimes the agony would be so intense that I would wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of her sobbing. A vigorous leg massage would give some relief, enough for her to be able to get back to sleep.
Often, when walking, she would have to hold my arm. Watching her walking on the street was like seeing a crippled old woman. Frequently, she would suddenly double up with a stabbing pain in her knees, a feeling that bones were breaking inside. So much for our Sunday afternoon walks! Very depressing. Lyse endured this for five months, and then I met Frederica.
Frederica and her husband Alex are a German couple. They brought with them from Germany a remarkable technology called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.
*I learnt that this approach to reducing pain and alleviating symptoms is widely used and respected in that country. Many German hospital and clinics swear by it, using it to help their patients deal with a wide variety of painful conditions, such as migraine,
phantom limb pain , insomnia, fractures , digestion problems, asthma and poor circulation.

I decided to make an investment and bought a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device for Lyse.
From my point of view, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within three days the swelling and inflammation were down by 50% and the pain was reduced by about 90%. That was six months ago. Since then, after sleeping with the device by her knees every night, the swelling is almost gone and the pain has largely eliminated. Lyse still has days where her legs are swollen and sore below the knees, but a good massage and rest usually takes care of that. We find it flares up during a period of high stress. There are no more attacks of stabbing pain when she walks and she has regained most of her flexibility. Soon she will be starting aerobic classes and possibly even karate.
My understanding of the science behind the Pulsed Elecromagnetic Field Therapy is limited. I'm just happy that it has worked so well in Lyse's case.

Duart McLean

Magnetic Pulser Testimonial #39
What the heck, for this small amount of money, what can I lose?

It all began about 12 years ago, when I was 53 years old. I was always a very active person and all my life participated in all sorts of sports and particularly turned into a avid badminton and tennis single player. And then it suddenly started - these agonizing sharp shooting pains in my left knee first, then spreading over to the right knee as well. Seeking medical help I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis inflammation and the x-rays showed that there was very little cartilage left in my knee joints. Arthroscopy surgery was soon after performed first on my left knee, 2 years later on both knees simultaneously. In spite of the surgeries, for years to come my knees were hurting constantly and walking very often, even just 3 blocks down the road, was extremely painful. The only relief was a constant intake of strong anti inflammatory tablets which I had to take on a constant basis, especially since my wife and I are running a small business and mastering a set of stairs many times a day. Racket sports were a dream of the past and we refrained to the only two kinds of sports I could still execute, namely scuba diving and horseback riding. The intake of enough tablets shortly ahead of these events allowed me to handle them.

Then, in July of 1999, shortly after my 65th birthday, my life suddenly took a turnabout. For several month I had read articles of this Bio Medici magnetic pulser in the weekly German newspaper. I was extremely skeptical but finally I thought: “what the heck, for this small amount of money, how can I lose?

The little magnetic pulser arrived in July 99. Immediately I applied it to both my knees preparing for a weekend of swimming and horseback riding up north. Then the unbelievable happened. I had not taken any tablets and still, starting from the second day, my pain had greatly reduced and I was able to do my activities unhindered by discomfort. First I held back, still not believing it myself, but then I told my wife about the result I was experiencing and convinced her to get this “intriguing box” for herself as well. She was suffering from severe back pains due to a horseback riding accident in her very young years and just sitting for a few hours in her office or in planes gave her sharp lower back pain. A Bio Medici was rushed to her within a few days, just in time to take  it along on her trip to Germany to visit her family. Sitting in the plane, she applied the magnetic pulser to her back, following the instruction for the "General body  treatment" and low and behold, for the very first time she did not experience any jet lag, had no back pain and was going from morning till night for the following 3 days enjoying a famous street and jazz festival in Bavaria. Her family couldn’t believe it! It is needless to say, that ever since we are using our “wonder box” on a daily basis and now, 4 month later, have become new born persons!

We have enjoyed a 2 week ranch holiday in Wyoming in August, sitting for 60 hours in the saddle during this time. While she was riding, my wife wore the little magnetic pulser on her lower back on setting 2 and got through these 2 weeks of real hard riding with flying colors.
During a short weekend trip to New Orleans and in September we did something we had not done in 10 years. We left our house in Don Mills one Sunday afternoon on our 25 year old bicycles, went down to Harborfront and after some strolling around biked right home again, a total of 53 km. In the following weeks I biked to our business on Young Street and back home several times, each leg being 12 km. All this, plus our daily business activities without taking any medications - only the by now routine uses of the magnetic pulser every day. In addition to that, my blood pressure, which was very high, had lowered itself, we both seem to be less stressed and more relaxed, basically feel good all around. It is amazing how my wife an I responded to this “Wonder Box” from day one on.

Both of us are wearing the magnetic pulser about 4 to 6 hours every day, doing the“ General body treatment
on the 4 suggested settings for 1 hour each and then transfer the Bio Medici in my wife’s case to her back and in mine to my knees. However we also feel that it is equally important to do daily exercises involving the whole body to keep it supple and strengthen the muscles in the problem areas.

In the last 3 month, at least 2 dozen of Bio Medici's have been acquired by our customers, friends and family members here and in Germany, inspired by our enthusiasm and visible positive results. Many of them already have told us how happy their new “wonder box”. None of them has returned theirs.

We both hope, that these few lines will help to convince some people who have similar sufferings to invest in the Bio Medici, so that they also can enjoy a better and less painful life.

Art & Margita

Magnetic Pulser Testimonial #38

Lyse had twelve different Rheumatologists...