Magnetic Pulser Reviews

Our magnetic pulser reviews are intended to shed some light on a controversial subject on a variety of various makes and models of magnetic pulsers. The magnetic pulser reviews should give the novice customer, as well as the trained health professional, a quick overview of what he or she will find out when searching for the best device when deciding on a magnetic pulser. This review is sorted in alphabetic order and not about performance and/or price.
The initiators of this review could not test all the described magnetic pulsers. Such a mission is an expensive task with double blind tests, carried out by physicians trained with the specific knowledge in using the magnetic pulsers as a therapy medium.

All the comments in that review are expressed and prepared by an insider who gained complex firsthand knowledge from 1982 up to this day with magnetic pulsers.

Since the early 80's magnetic pulsers were manufactured and distributed by only a few companies in Germany, while in the US, the physicist Dr.Bob Beck carried out experiments with his "flash light driven" magnetic pulser.
Our magnetic pulser models review incorporates small hand held, portable magnetic pulsers as well as stationary much larger devices (for 110 V or 220 V with wall adapter) units designed for hospitals, clinics, therapists or home use.

Attention: The stationary units are using adaptors (transforming high voltage to low voltage) which are sending out a strong uncontrolled magnetic field (electro pollution) therefore a person should keep a safe distance of 1.5 yard (1.5 meter) from the adapter.

Keep in mind that the saying: "You get what you pay for" is sometimes incorrect!
In our Magnetic Pulser Models Reviews you will discover that the Bio Medici magnetic pulser has by far the lowest price tag. The reason behind this strategy is for the average person to have the chance to treat their health ailment(s) without the high expenses.

For many people the treatment with pulsed magnetic therapy is beyond their understanding and therefore often approached with skepticism or even refused as quackery. To overcome this problem the manufacturer of the Bio Medici has chosen following philosophy: "A low mark up will sell high quantities" and when people are satisfied they will recommend the pulser to family and friends. This philosophy paid off! Since 1984 tens of thousands Bio Medici's have been sold (and recommended) worldwide.

If you are a health professional you should use an impressive, stationary machine for your clients. Some of these devices are using up to 1000 Hz for faster bone healing. For general use, the 7 different frequencies (they can be combined achieving up to over 100 frequencies) of the Bio Medici are perfect to treat over 60 health issues.
However, it would be an odd scene if your naturopath appears for a treatment with a tiny magnetic pulser right out of his pocket.
Nevertheless, the mainstream consumer is much better off with a small battery operated magnetic pulser like the Bio Medici. This device is always handy and can be used "on the go". It's definitely an advantage to treat health problems at their early stages!

The point of this review is to demonstrate that a quality hand held device could be more valuable for the mainstream consumer as an expensive stationary device. The advantgage is that health issues can be treated 'while on-the-go'; since any delay may worsen the problem. Therefore, it is advisable to have a Bio Medici magnetic pulser always handy. For most applications the range of 1 Hz to 33 Hz is ideal, especially the specific range of 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance ). That is why the best magnetic pulsers incorporate 1Hz to 30 Hz as we shall see in the following review.
The absence of the earth magnetic field during the first manned space flight caused a variety of health problems to astronauts. Dr. Michael A. Persinger (Canada) and Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig
from Germnay (they both worked for NASA) suggested the installation of Schumann resonance generators for the astronautes solving the problems perfectly.

Preference: High magnetic fields or low magnetic fields for magnetic pulsers?

Frthermore, the 'Gauss-Race' of manufacturers is ridiculous. Dr.
Wolfgang Ludwig always stated: "The key is not to bombard the body with high doses of magnetic fields (Gauss/Tesla); the more gentle approach with the right frequencies and harmonies is what really counts! Also, the trigger point for a cell to respond perfectly starts already at 0.3 mG (MilliGauss)!" All the best scientists in this field agree with the lower magnetic field strength because it is not only the safest; but seem to work better as well.

Attention: Some magnetic pulsers are emitting exaggerated strong magnetic fields (e.g. 6000 Gauss and more) that might have adverse effects on a person and all person(s) in the surrounding area. Buyers beware! High magnetic field intensity can have ill effects.
Attention: Stationary units are using adaptors (transforming high voltage to low voltage) in emitting high and uncontrolled magnetic fields (electro pollution), therefore it is important to keep a distance of more than 1.5 yards (1.5 meter) from the adapter.

The most important frequencies a quality magnetic pulser should offer

The advantage of a (quality) magnetic pulser table device is: Frequencies from 1 to 1000 Hz available and adjustable field strength (Gauss). Both features are more important for bone fractures. The Bio Medici's field strength of 6 MilliGauss is optimal. It works with the important frequencies from 1Hz to 33 Hz for the treatment of more than 60 health problems

Quality does not have to be expensive!
The Bio Medici is a high quality magnetic pulser which was developed by Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig . It incorporates all necessary frequencies to treat over 60 health problems and emits a safe and effective magnetic field strength. It has an excellent reputation (see testimonials) for high performance and the affordable price tag. We believe, that the magnetic pulser review is a valuable guidance to help you in buying the best quality, for the lowest price.

Magnetic pulser treatment 'while on the go'
Frequencies emitted from Energy Healers and Chi Kung Masters are between 0 and  30 Hz