Magnetic Pulser Operating Instruction
Operating Instruction Short  Version

1.  Switch the Bio Medici "Magnetic Pulser" ON using switch No.8 (press down top end of toggle switch).
The control light does not flash!

2.  Set the selected switch or combination of switches according to the table for the symptom(s) you wish to treat. The light will now flash slowly or rapidly, blinking rythme of light depends on which setting(s) you are using.

BIO MEDICI "Magnetic Pulser" and its practical tube

3. Use the BIO MEDICI "Magnetic Pulser" in its protective tube and place the device as close as possible to the point of treatement- see the Switch Settings.
The BIO MEDICI emits magnetic biological impulses
in all directions in a radius of 8 in. (20 cm).