Electromagnetic Therapy with the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser

I belonged to the "nonbelievers". The article in which Dr. R. Markoll stated: For many, it seems to be too good to be true - until they have tried it themselves", in my case  I was "converted" as follows:
Having been thoughtless I had slipped and severely hit my knee during the fall. Only with extreme effort and under great pain could I drag myself home. (I live by myself and have a dear little dog). I tried to telephone a friend of mine, who is also a doctor, but it was Sunday, and he was not home. Under no circumstances did I want to go to the hospital on a weekend. Through enough medical knowledge I had determined that no bones were broken. In my misery I called a friend to comfort me. She arrived without delay and brought with her the Bio Medici magnetic pulser, of which she had told me numerous times before. I too had read the article in the newspaper and in retrospect, I know that I should have bought one long time ago. But I was too skeptical, though my friend and her family swear by the little device.
She fastened the magnetic pulser to my hurt knee, which was already swollen, and advised me to leave it there for the night. I obediently went to bed and gradually the pain lessened. I was able to sleep through the night. My friend let me have the magnetic pulser and gave me the ad in the newspaper. After a few days my knee was good as knew. Convinced, I immediately ordered two devices and am taking the opportunity herewith to thank you for your prompt delivery since the Bio Medici meanwhile has helped me with yet another problem, far more serious than the incident with my knee.

I had suffered from severe insomnia, After my divorce I had taken strong sedatives and very strong sleeping pills. Time & time again, I promised myself to reduce the dosage. Unfortunately, I knew already that I was addicted. It was frightening. In short: I now admit, that with the help of the magnetic pulser I was able to stop taking these pills. I would place the device under my pillow (switch 1) and fall asleep without any problems. Next morning I would awake with a clear head, rested and energetic once again.
Thanks, A.M.

My little dog "Shiwa"  is no longer young but very playful still. A few weeks ago a terrible thing happened: Shiwa played with a huge she wolf dog. During play she had placed her enormous paw on Shiwa, pinning him down. Shiwa was unable to get up. What a shock. I had to carry him home and was afraid that his spine was broken. He just whimpered quietly. In my desperation I put the Bio Medici magnetic pulser into his basket. Then I called the veterinary surgeon. The vet arrived about an hour later. He was just as amazed as me, when Shiwa jumped out of the basket to greet him. No bones were broke but something must have hurt Shiwa very much. There is no doubt, the magnetic pulser has helped and since then Shiwa too knows the effect of the Bio Medici. He insists I put it into his basket at night and verifies if I really did. He whines and whimpers... but as soon as I put the magnetic pulser on him, he curls up and falls asleep peacefully. And so do I.
Thanks, H. Strauss

Six months ago I needed a cane to get around! Then an acquaintance recommended that I should try your Bio Medici magnetic pulser and so I started the treatment. Within a short period of time I noticed that my condition had very much improved. Now I am fit again and no longer need my cane. And there are a lot of other things that the magnetic pulser can do for me! When I go to bed at night, I change the settings and put my device alongside me. This way I also treat my gall bladder and my entire digesting system. It also helps me with my constipation problems.
In short, I have tried out all the settings. As a result of the treatment my entire body is brimming with energy. Many of my relatives in Germany have also now acquired your magnetic pulser and they are delighted with it. I would like to ask you to supply another one of these devices to Germany.
I also want to take this opportunity to express my most sincere thanks to your firm for giving me the Bio Medici, my tiny friend, and the best one I have!
Yours, H. Surke

I was afraid his spine was broken. . .
Electromagnetic Therapy #25
I had slipped and severely hit my knee. . .
Now I am fit again and no longer need my cane. . .
Varicose veins pain. . . I was afraid that I would loose my leg. . .

As you know, I have been suffering from tinnitus ringing for a long, long time! This goes together with an almost continuous and terrible pounding and sometimes ringing in my head, and also with hot flashes sweating, (which have improved lately). I have lost 95% of my hearing. I must also tell you that I had terrible varicose veins pain, which hurt dreadfully and around my ankle the veins were very dark in coloured and the area itched as if it was full of ants. In several places the veins were as thick as large grapes or nodules; altogether, I counted 16 veins like this on my right foot. I visited the doctor once to see what he could do and he told me I should wear a rubber hose. That hurts even more, I told him - he just looked at me wide - eyed. Now, I want to tell you everything that has happened in just 5 days since I started the treatment. When I had tried out the little magnetic pulser on the first day, I had the first good and peaceful night's sleep in I don't know how long.
The next day - around midday - I put the little magnetic pulser in its pouch under my nylon stockings and pulled another stocking over it. I also went to bed in the evening wearing the Bio Medici like this.
Suddenly, at about 4 o'clock in the morning, I woke up feeling a strong tingling sensation in my leg.

What was going on? As usual, I took out my apple vinegar cream, removed the stockings, and started to massage my legs. As I was doing things, I noticed that there were only five large, grape-sized varicose veins left instead of sixteen! And the itching was very much reduced. I can only say that a miracle has happened! Thank the Lord!
Next evening, I held the magnetic pulser against my neck and this reduced the hot flashes. As I was sitting there, I also noticed that the pounding in my head was growing quieter and quieter and I am now almost unaware of it. I had been wearing the small magnetic pulsator since midday. The rest of the varicose veins have become smoother and the painful spot on the shin has also healed up. I must also mention that last night I slept undisturbed from 11 P.M. through to 10 A.M.! A miracle, for which I thank our dear Lord and also the magnetic pulser.

Today was the fifth day of treatment and I spent another good night. I was totally astonished when I looked at my leg in the morning! I no longer have any pain and the leg is smooth. The blue colour of the varicose veins is fading away and there is no longer any tingling and itching. I am pleasantly excited by the outcome. Quite honestly, I was afraid that I would lose my leg - like an acquaintance of mine who has spent month on hospital with similar problem.
I don't know how I can thank you. I can only say: God bless you!
All the very best,
C. Graber

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