Dr. Robert Becker's Bio-Electromagnetics 
The Bio-Electromagnetics of Dr.Robert Becker

Robert Becker's life and career was colorful. He was a U.S. orthopedic surgeon and researcher in electrophysiology and electro medicine. Robert Becker worked mainly as a professor of surgery at the State University of New York's Medical Center and as the Director of Orthopedic Surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital of New York, Syracuse.
In his clinical practice Dr.Robert Becker observed that broken bones occasionally failed to grow together. He studied the external physical conditions with the goal to improve the growth (Dr. Becker describes in one of his experiments that a 1 nano ampere DC current greatly improves bone fusion).
Dr.Robert Becker demonstrated that lower animals like salamanders had much better regeneration capabilities than frogs, which seemed to be too high on the evolutionary ladder to achieve this regeneration. Dr.Becker describes these studies in his books: "Cross Current" and "The Body Electric". Dr.Robert Becker hoped his research could be the gateway for an ultimate regeneration of limbs and the spinal cord in humans. Dr.Robert Becker also believed in the value of electro acupuncture, but only with weak currents.
Dr.Robert Becker discovered the magnitude of electricity in the environment and was extremely concerned with the positive and negative effects of these influences in his book: Cross Currents. The Promise of Electromedicine, the Perils of Electropollution, he speculates and warns about these influences. In later years Dr.Robert Becker experienced financing problems for his research projects when he criticized harshly the electrical utility companies and the military for their electro polluting activities.

The U.S. patent 70005556 of Robert Becker

Dr.Robert Becker's newest regeneration technique is based on iontophoresis: A silver electrode is placed upon a wound with the goal for a faster healing. Dr.Robert Becker patented this procedure in 1998.
Silver had been used in ancient times from the Romans and Greeks to keep drinking water and milk fresh and as an antibacterial material in wounds. Based on this knowledge Dr.Robert Becker used a combination therapy of electrical stimulation with silver – to force silver ions deeper into the tissue. Dr.Robert Becker observed that with the suitable stimulation of fibroblasts (most common cells of connective tissues in animals) a formation of new cell types were possible; leading to regenerative healing in humans and animals.

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Dr. Robert Becker raises concerns over High Power Lines

The health risk of high power lines with high electromagnetic radiation is controversial since the early seventies when convincing evidence was published (by Whertheimer and Leeper) that uncontrolled electromagnetic fields can cause cancer, leukemia, birth defects fatigue, depression, heart disease, sleeping disorders and many others.
It was 1975 when Dr.Robert Becker announced his opposition for a planned Power Line from Utica to Massena. Andres Marino a student of Robert Becker found irregularities in rats exposed to high voltage electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The conclusion of Dr.Robert Beck was: Nobody should be within 100 yards of high-power lines.
The magnetic field of the strongest power lines is less than 0.3 mG EMF at a distance of 400 yards and is probably less as than we receive every day by household appliances. Contrary to all that unidentified 'electro pollutions' the Bio Medici magnetic pulser emits a scientific engineered clean magnetic pulsed field, like our planet produces since billions of years.
Dr.Robert Becker later on raised more concerns in a CBS News show 'sixty minutes' in which he questioned the National Academy of Science. Soon after that episode Dr.Robert Becker's grants for his 'Regeneration Studies' were canceled.
Dr.Robert Becker concentrated his research in the unorthodox areas including the body's electrical systems, hypnosis, visualization and acupuncture. He worked also as an associate editor of the series 'Advances in Parapsychology'. In his landmark book Dr.Robert Becker MD., 'A pioneer in the field of bioelectric science', he challenged the traditional school of medicine and presented breakthrough discoveries that offer new possibilities for harnessing the body's healing power and fighting disease.
"The greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields," Dr.Robert Becker said in 2000. When using a cell phone, he once said, "You are irradiating parts of your brain. There's no question about this."

Dr.Robert Becker,1923-2008